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Stepping Out Class Registration


How Do I Participate?

Before you pay for your classes be sure to perform your pre-registration. Your pre-registration form and payment will both be sent to Lynda Lawson, our Services Coordinator who will then get in touch with you within 24 hours. If you have already submitted a pre-registration form before in the past, you don’t need to do another one. We still have your information on file.

Don’t know what classes you want to participate in? Learn about our range of Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual classes over on our Programs page.

Now that you know what classes you want to participate in, make sure that you select the correct classes by checking our Class Calendar.

Class Names

APT, Parenting, Anger Management, Renew Your Mind, Spic-N-Span, Dollars & $ense, Bible Studies

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Product Description

Who is Stepping Out, Inc?

No matter what kind of childhood, economical level, or present condition, people have an intuitive nature to strive for a better life. Jesus, saw that people were ignorant of spiritual matters and needed a teacher and compassionate instruction. Stepping Out believes that there are many ways we can express compassion, first by attending to the pressing physical and spiritual needs, but then by giving equal importance to educate and equip people with the emotional skills to triumph over inexperience, immaturity, and inability to control their lives.

Stepping Out, Inc is a faith-based 501 C 3 organization which works to create a pattern of positive behavior by equipping individuals and families to achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical growth through life-skills education. We advocate for adults to rise above adversity and take ownership of their future and for parents to become the positive role models for our next generation.

Stepping Out makes available a portfolio of curriculum specifically chosen because it encourages a new paradigm of positive thinking and contributes to making a stronger, more secure and dedicated workforce and citizenry of our community and in God’s Kingdom.


Additional Information

Class Names

APT, Parenting, Anger Management, Renew Your Mind, Spic-N-Span, Dollars & $ense, Bible Studies


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